Francine Proulx-Kenzle

Facilitation is the art of making your discussions flow more easily.

Be it for a team meeting, a strategic planning session, or a multi-sectorial gathering, I can facilitate your discussions with transparency and efficiency providing concrete and durable results. 

My facilitation approach is unique - thanks to the following tools: 


"A picture is worth a thousand words." 
(Confucius, philosopher)
Adding images to words in my facilitation work: combining joy and efficiency! I trained in this skill with renowned graphic facilitator, Christina Merkley, who hails from Victoria, BC. in December 2015.

what is facilitation?


"To act with common sense according to the moment, is the best wisdom I know." (Horace Walpole, English Historian and politician)

I do my best to look for the meaning of life while using common sense.  As a basic life tool, common sense helps me discern possible solutions, pertinent practices and concrete actions.  

Supported by my life experience, my aim is to contribute to the well-being of organizations and entreprises, of communities and of individuals.


Pense, Saskatchewan, Canada

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​appreciative inquiry

"The way we see things is the source of the way we think and the way we act."
(Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

The result of intensive research, recognized world-wide, appreciative inquiry draws out the best of the person, the best of the group. It's a way to experience change and to cultivate collaboration within a team. 

The principles and methods of interest-based negotiation, also known as win-win negotiation, were defined by R. Fisher et W. Ury, Harvard Negotiation Project founders.

Yes, conflict can be positive! When managing conflict with a method such as interest-based negotiation, the parties involved will resolve the issue to their mutual satisfaction. This will happen without having to use pressure tactics and/or  intimidation. 

Interest-based negotiation

Facilitation for  the

Table des élus du réseau associatif fransaskois

January 2015 

​eMOTIONal intelligence

"True compassion means not only feeling another's pain but also being moved to help relieve it."  

(Daniel Goleman, American author/psychologist)

Our listening capacity, our compassion and our respect towards others are the key to foster collaboration and productivity on projects.