Francine Proulx-Kenzle


The Sociocracy Consulting Group (Division B)

and the Cercle of Sociocratic Certified Experts in Canada (Division C)

Gathering in Montreal, November 2014

Pense, Saskatchewan, Canada

My work in sociocracy takes me everywhere in the world, often in a virtual fashion. 

Co-founder and partner 

Sociocracy: collaborative governance

Sociocracy, as defined by Wikipedia, is "a system of governance using consent decision making and an organizational structure based on cybernetic principles (a system with closed feedback mechanisms).​" Sociocracy is based on three values: equivalence, transparency and efficiency. 

According to Sharon Villines, co-author of We The People, "The implementation methods of sociocracy combined with the values and traditions of democracy produces a deeper democracy."

Certified in 2011 by the global Sociocracy Group (head office in Rotterdam, Netherlands) and in partnership with The Sociocracy Consulting Group, I provide consultancy services which includes the implementation of sociocracy in organizations and businesses and also in-person and online training.  

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Here, I am participating in the annual meeting of certified sociocratic experts held in Vienna, Austria June 2016.